Kings Island
The KI Cares charity ticket program is now closed.  This program will open again February 1, 2019.


At Kings Island, we are dedicated to making people happy by providing them with fun, excitement and memorable experiences.

Through KI Cares, an active community relations effort, we strive to support community programs primarily focused on the needs of children and families and acknowledge those who work hard to build a brighter tomorrow for so many in need today.

Consideration for ticket donations will be given to those non-profit organizations that have met the criteria below.  Kings Island generously contributes over a half million dollars in complimentary admission tickets each year, however, history shows that there is always a greater call (for tickets) than what we are able to distribute. 


  • Organizations from Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois and Tennessee as well as our home state of Ohio.
  • Organizations focused on the needs of children, families, and community – be it through social programs, educational systems, or medicine.


  • Individuals or individual families
  • For-profit organizations
  • Religious groups utilizing donations for fundraising events or other activities that do not directly benefit children
  • Political parties
  • Any organization that discriminates due to color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation or creed

 - KI Cares does not donate monetarily, food or merchandise.

 - KI Cares does not donate season passes; only single-day admission tickets

 - It is important to accurately complete all the requested information on the application in order for your request to be considered.

 - Submission of an application does not guarantee a favorable response nor does it guarantee that the requested number of tickets on the application may be awarded. 

 - Participation in previous KI Cares programs does not guarantee automatic placement in future years. 


KI Cares is currently closed, but will reopen February 1, 2019 and remain open throughout the month.  During that time, an application link will be added to this web page.  Applications will be considered from those organizations who have met the criteria outlined above and whose events/activities occur between February 2019 and March 2020.  

KI Cares is the only opportunity organizations have to submit a request for tickets -- Kings Island no longer accepts written or verbal requests.  If you have any further questions, please direct them to

Thank you for all that you and your organization do to better your community and the lives in it!