Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island features more than 60 life sized dinosaurs, and unless you are a palentologist, we're pretty sure there are some you've never heard of.  Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus Rex, but are you familiar with Mojoceratops or Pachycephalosaurus?

Our Dinosaurs page offers a wealth of information on the dinosaurs featured in Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island.  Each dinosaur listed has information about where they came from, how to pronounce their name, and even what their name means!  Brush up on your dinosaur facts before you visit Dinosaurs Alive! and impress your family and friends with your extensive dino knowledge while visiting the park!


Ever wonder where in the world your favorite dinosaur came from?  The Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island World Map shows you the different areas where these dinosaurs were discovered.



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